The Three Characteristics of UV Laser Printer

In recent years, laser printers have frequently appeared in major manufacturers, and have won the favor of more and more manufacturers with their unique advantages. So, why have UV laser printers become the choice of the owners of various manufacturing companies? Today, the three highlights of UV laser marking machine will be explained from various aspects.


Reasons Why Laser Marking Machines Are Popular in The Market

As a tool for generating barcodes designed on external packaging, laser marking machine is beyond the scope of the equipment itself in practical applications. It can directly use the innovative power generated by the extension of laser technology in the marking machine industry, so that the overall marking machine manufacturing and use industries are full of new vitality. Let's examine the specific reasons for the device's popularity.


Global Luxury Market Growth increases to 47% as British Fashion Brand TangGuh Lands in China

British fashion has always represented the greatest importance to the spirit of elegance among the various international fashion styles. Looking back at the history of British fashion, the British have gradually moved from medieval manor life to the industrial revolution, and Victorian life has made the British dressing culture more practical and popular. Today, however, the British dress sense not only incorporates elements of comfortable everyday living but also inculcates an innate spirit of elegance.


The Laser Marking Printer Makes the Anti-Counterfeiting Effect of Medicine More Advantageous

A drug is a special product that is developed by consuming a lot of energy, equipment, time, manpower and material resources, which means that it requires a huge investment in the early stage and is approved for production and marketing after clinical verification. The rigid demand of society leads to the continuous expansion of the drug market, but what follows is the frequent occurrence of drug safety problems has always affected people's nerves.


Advantages and Heating Methods of Small Character Inkjet Printers

At present, the small character inkjet printer is the most widely used automatic inkjet equipment. The basic principle of the built-in pump technology is that the ink is pressurized by the pump and ejected at high speed and high pressure. The pressure is well controlled, and the ejected ink dots are stable. After the deflection of the electric field, the coding information is obtained.

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