The UP-World Genesis NFT node program is about to start


UP-World (Upside World) is a surreal ascending space-time, a new metaverseal collection formed by NFT+DAO+DEFI+WEB3.0. UP-World aims to establish a decentralized open blockchain protocol to ensure the transparency of consensus algorithms and the clarity of contracts, UP-World integrates cutting-edge technologies, promotes decentralization and de-monopoly, creates UP-World with the Dao mechanism, highlights collective wisdom to achieve true mutual benefit and win-win, enriches the global financial ecosystem, creates a complete decentralized financial system network, realizes value interconnection, and achieves true mutual benefit and win-win.

Friends, identity, civilization, diversification, low latency, immersion, anytime, anywhere, UP-World has eight elements of the meta-universe, which is built by the top technology geek team after years of market research and optimization upgrades.

UP-World has five major advantages:

1. Web 3.0 core is a network shared by users and builders. In UP-World, it is possible to form an organizational form of user and builder autonomy, and it is necessary to use the blockchain to reach the maximum consensus and cooperate with supervision to form an ecological order of UP-World.

2. The virtual world of UP-World must not only be bound to the real identity, but also need to switch between different metaversms, which requires the use of blockchain technology to establish a new distributed identity authentication system to protect privacy and data security.

3. The data interaction process between different applications in the metaverse, between the metaverse and external devices, and the process of disposing of personal behavior data, requires a blockchain-related distributed network, consensus mechanism, smart contract, etc.

4. UP is the core element of the UP-World metaverse, the land, props and equipment in up-World need to provide functions such as exchange and transaction in the meta-system, and the financial attributes of the blockchain will provide a carrier for assets and provide a guarantee for value exchange.

5. Up main economic model comes with traffic, hot spots, heat, market strong consensus recognition, in order to accelerate the construction of UP-World, build UP-World basic civilization and order, UP-World for the founding node issued 1000 pieces of creation NFT, holding NFT UP owners enjoy the corresponding permissions such as whitelist, DAO governance, etc., NFT can be transferred, UP main authority is also transferred.

UP-World launched the NFT node program for global users, starting the trend of leading web 3.0 technology innovation and realizing the two-wheel market drive of technology and community.


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