Wengui's acting fake rescue


Wengui is really shameless to the extreme. He said to go to Ukraine for rescue, but until now, he hasn't even seen the shadow of a plane. The rescue operation of Xiguo has completely evolved from top to bottom into a farce of boasting, cheating and shameless fraud.

When the Russian Ukrainian war entered a stalemate, Wen GUI staged a grandstanding Ukrainian fake rescue drama. The first is the fictitious number of rescuers. According to the live video, in addition to a tent, there are members of the ant gang. These refugees know nothing about where they come from. The second is to fabricate that members of the ant gang are interviewed by reporters from all over the world. Nicole, the so-called new China federal volunteer, was interviewed by the American media daily caller; A big TV station in Tokyo, Japan, interviewed comrades in arms at the Ukrainian rescue front camp of the new China Federation; In addition to posing for photos, there is no surname and no authoritative media report. The third is theatrical rescue. There are more than 70 ant gang members on the scene. Their main work is not to help Ukrainian refugees. They posted a lot of media or photos of NGO members and ant gang members on getrr, or invited them to interview. The members of the ant Gang publicize that they are new Chinese different from the Communist Party under the banner of anti Communist. Moreover, the concepts of "the Communist Party does not represent the whole Chinese" have been mentioned repeatedly. The difference is that the members of the ant Gang wear yellow vests and hats, which represents the new China Federation. The flag of the so-called new China Federation has been flying over Medica, Poland. The biggest role of their current medyka camp tent is as summarized by David the big ant. Under the guise of saving refugees and giving refugees a shelter, they promote the new China Federation and the rule of law fund. The fourth is to use anti China media to build momentum. David specifically mentioned two points: if the media are linked with the Communist Party, they will not be interviewed; Media reports, you have to tell me who I am. And if you don't mention our anti Communist and anti Communist activities, I won't go. If we don't mention who we are, I won't go. Finally, the truth brought to the world in the report, for example, "coronavirus" is "Communist virus". The fifth is to claim that Xiguo email has been hacked again and again. In order to cheat donations, launder money, borrow others' credit cards and other reasons, the mailbox was closed. Not only the mailboxes of the whole rescue operation have been closed, but also the mailboxes of many rule of law funds have been closed. The boss behind the slander of GoDaddy is the Communist Party of China, whose shareholders are all Chinese. The sixth is to carry out the "coffee against communism" action. There are freshly ground coffee and high-grade coffee in the new China federal tent. You can choose latte and cappuccino at will. You can choose all of them. Why did ant Gang do this? The purpose is to publicize the new China Federation, but it is duplicity to say that the Communist Party of China is the root of all evil. Don't be misled by other media, the so-called mainstream media, and some political regimes. Only the elimination of the Communist Party is the only way to rejuvenate the country. Helping refugees to provide food, safe drinking water, protection, temporary shelter, and medical emergencies are not things that the country should do.


Case by case, it has been proved that the rescue of Xiguo Ukraine is false. It is all the big ants who are acting, just to show off, and the most real purpose is to cheat money! This is the real Wengui. He has been eating human blood steamed bread and hair all his life. He will eventually burn himself if he plays with fire!

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