Turning and milling cutters Common milling cutters for die steel


Cutting tool is a tool used for cutting in mechanical manufacturing. The structure of the cutting tool is composed of clamping part and working part. The clamping part and working part of the overall structure tool are made on the tool body. The clamping part of the tool has two types: with hole and with handle. The working part of the tool is the part that produces and processes chips, including the blade, the structure that breaks or rolls up the chips, the space for chip removal or storage, the channel of cutting fluid and other structural elements. The material of the cutting tool has high temperature hardness and wear resistance, necessary bending strength, impact toughness and chemical inertia, good processability (cutting, forging and heat treatment), and is not easy to deform.

Turning and milling cutters Common milling cutters for die steel has sharp edge. Its specification s are smooth cutting and high finish. It was made form high-quality base materials, so it is sturdy and the service life is stable. The product has high versatility and is not easy to break, suitable for cast iron, copper, iron, aluminum, ordinary steel. It is sharp and abrasion resistant, has high wear resistance, good impact and vibration resistance. The product has variant models, which were made from different materials to adapt different uses. For example,some are suitable for semi finishing and semi rough machining of heat-resistant steel, high manganese steel, stainless steel and other materials; others are suitable for semi finishing and shallow machining of cast iron, chilled cast iron, low alloy cast iron, non-ferrous metal and non-metallic materials.

Chengdu Shurong Hongda Metal Materials Co., Ltd. produces cutting tools and tools used for cutting in mechanical manufacturing. Business philosophy of the company): "double happiness of morality and technology, benefit the public", efficient, pragmatic, innovative and pioneering, and strive to create an excellent image of product manufacturer. The company adheres to reform and innovation, continuously improves the effectiveness of the management system, continuously improves the overall quality of the company and pursues excellent quality performance. Keep up with the market demand, persevere and pursue the realization and Transcendence of the goal. in order to further improve the management level and achieve sustainable development, the company established and implemented GB / T19001-2016/IOS 9001:2015quality management system standard.

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