Tuning Reactor


Performance Description
Tuning reactor is a special reactor, designed to reduce the harmonic pollution and to enlarge and protect other electrical equipment.
Tuning reactor capacity from 6 to 100 kvar kvar, tuning frequency, including 135Hz, 190Hz, 215Hz, apply to any 400/415V 50Hz power distribution system. Tuning the choice of reactor capacitor must be selected to match.
Technical parameters:
> Outer rust paint
> Thermal Relay
> Standard: IEC 60289; EN 60289
Simple and convenient:
> A variety of tuning frequency and precise technical parameters to avoid the risks of all harmonics
Stable and secure:
> With thermal protection to ensure safe operation of reactor
> Satons Dry-type reactors with low operating costs
For power quality improvement: reducing the interference of harmonics on capacitors to prevent harmonic amplification, to reduce harmonic pollution.

The tuning reactor is also called series reactor, which is used for reactive power compensation. Reactive compensation series reactor is generally used in series with the capacitor. It is capacitive at power frequency, so as to prevent parallel resonance and no concern of amplifying harmonic current. It can restrain high-order harmonics and limit closing inrush current; Improve the system power factor; Prevent harmonic capacitors from causing harm, and avoid excessive amplification and resonance of grid harmonics caused by the connection of capacitor devices.
High temperature resistance, high insulation strength, safe and reliable; The reactor is made of high-quality cold-rolled oriented silicon steel sheet with low loss and good high-frequency characteristics; The designed magnetic flux density of reactor is low, the linearity is good, and the overload capacity is strong; Vacuum pressure impregnation is adopted for reactor impregnation process. The impregnation is sufficient, the oil film is thick, the reactor has low noise and good corrosion resistance.

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