Full body marble can be applied to rooms, living rooms, kitchens, hotel lobbies, office buildings, etc.

Marble tile features: Now ceramic tiles have become a "rigid demand" for living at home. It completely changes people's life quality and plays the role of "beautician" in modern life. However, the marble tiles with "the true effect of marble and the superior function of ceramic tiles", whose texture, color, texture, hand feel and visual effect are complete, reach the true effect of natural marble, and the decoration effect is also much better than natural stone, so they are widely favored by consumers. As the initiator and leader of marble tiles, Li Zhilin believes that the presentation of marble tiles makes the tiles from "" "" to "live", It not only fully reflects the luxurious decoration effect of natural marble, but also covers up various shortcomings of natural marble, which has been recognized by the terminal market.

Green and environmental protection: Marble tiles have the unique decoration effect and superior characteristics of natural marble, as well as the unique functionality of ceramic tiles. Its presentation has reduced the demand for natural marble in the home decoration industry, turned into a guard of rare stone, and catered to the proposed social development of "saving and environment-friendly"; In addition, marble tiles have relieved people's concerns about radiation when choosing artificial marble, and become a new generation of green environmental protection stars. Moreover, the common use of clean production technology makes the production and application of marble tiles more low-carbon and environmentally friendly, which effectively saves nature.

Marble tile: it refers to a class of ceramic tile products that have true texture, color and texture of natural marble. It has true decoration effect of natural marble and superior function of ceramic tile, and discards various natural shortcomings of natural marble. It is a epoch-making innovator in the building ceramic industry, and a representative of modern top ceramic tile technology. It is another new ceramic tile product after ceramic chips, polished tiles, antique tiles, and microcrystalline tiles.

Marble tile: It is a skin free pore permeable base material made of pure natural iron ore powder, polyester epoxy resin and color masterbatch. It is seamlessly spliced and integrated, and has endless plasticity. It has the quality characteristics of fire safety, abrasion resistance, low water absorption, bacteriostasis and pollution resistance. It also has the elegance of pure natural marble and the hardness of granite, as well as the delicacy and warmth of wood and the smoothness of porcelain. The seams are inseparable or even seamless, and the wireframe is plump and smooth, which can make all modeling designs. It is very suitable for indoor spaces that pay attention to taste, such as flow counter, reception bank counter, washroom counter, etc.

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