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The facial mask covers the stratum corneum of the skin, provides moisture for the stratum corneum, hydrates the stratum corneum sufficiently, and improves the appearance and elasticity of the skin; It contains moisturizing agent and softener, and has sealing effect at the same time, which can reduce skin water loss, make the cuticle soft, and promote the absorption of effective ingredients through the skin.

During the drying process of moisture evaporation, the facial mask can make the skin shrink moderately, and the sealing effect can temporarily increase the skin temperature and promote blood circulation. [1]

In the process of peeling off or eluting the partially peeled off or washed off facial mask, it can remove the dead skin and dirt on the skin surface, and has a certain cleaning effect.

Classification of facial mask

Facial mask can be classified according to its efficacy on skin, applicable skin type, facial mask form, etc. The most common classification is in the form of facial mask.

Classified according to the form of facial mask

Peel off type, wipe off or water wash type, peel off type after curing and market mainstream sticking type. Each category can also be subdivided. [2]

Peel off facial mask

Gel shape: transparent or translucent gel or adhesive tape shape, commonly used for nose patches, eye patches, etc., mainly composed of polyvinyl alcohol, with a certain amount of humectant and wetting agent added as plasticizer. It has the function of moisturizing and removing blackheads, or contains active ingredients for anti wrinkle.

Soft film powder: mainly powder, usually containing macromolecules such as alginate, containing calcium or magnesium compounds (such as talc), and the rest are filled with powder. After being prepared into a uniform paste with water, the powder is coated, and then gradually forms a film (sodium alginate and magnesium are combined as insoluble colloid), which can be removed. When water evaporates, there is a sense of contraction.

Dura powder: It is mainly composed of gypsum. Hydration reaction occurs after adding water. It can be completely removed after heating and curing. Sometimes adding menthol, mint oil, borneol and other components can eliminate the heat sensation.

Wipe off or wash

Paste: sometimes called sleep facial mask, its ingredients are similar to night cream, but it contains a certain amount of polymer film forming agent, which has a certain sealing effect.

Mud like facial mask: contains clay powder, such as kaolin, montmorillonite, etc., as well as volcanic mud and salt lake mud of natural origin. In addition to sealing, cleaning and absorbing excess sebum from the skin, some mud of natural origin also contains a variety of minerals and other active ingredients, which has certain skin care effects.

Cloth sticking type

Cloth sticking facial mask: Cloth sticking facial mask includes two forms: gel containing non-woven fabric paste type and impregnated non-woven fabric paste type facial mask. The gel containing nonwoven fabric pasting method is to apply a layer of gel type preparation on the nonwoven fabric, cut it into face shape, and then seal it in the package. Impregnated non-woven facial mask is more commonly used, which is made by impregnating non-woven fabric with facial mask solution.

Stick on facial mask also has other materials, such as silk, cotton, biological fiber, etc. According to the finished product, it can be divided into compressed facial mask and uncompressed facial mask.

Facial mask is a kind of cosmetics that has been used for a long time. As far back as the pyramidal era of ancient Egypt, it has been known that some natural materials, such as soil, volcanic ash, sea mud, were used to apply on the face or body to treat some skin diseases. Later, it was developed that lanolin was mixed with various substances such as honey, flowers of plants, eggs, coarse flour, coarse beans, etc. to form a paste, and then applied on the face for habitual beauty or treatment of some skin diseases.

The Egyptians spread this skill to Greece, then to Rome, and finally to Europe. In the 8th and 9th centuries, the development of civilization moved to the Middle East and helped to promote the European Renaissance. In the Renaissance, cosmetic chemistry and essence industry, which were subordinate to the medical discipline, made great progress. In the 17th and 18th centuries, most cosmetics were produced in family workshops. It was not until the 19th and 20th centuries that significant changes took place and the cosmetics industry was gradually formed.

Facial mask became popular in the Tang Dynasty of China and was popular among aristocratic women. It is recorded in ancient books that Princess Yang Guifei used ruby paste made of fresh almond, light powder and talcum powder, supplemented by borneol and musk, and egg white.

In the 1970s and 1980s, the development of facial mask gradually shifted from relying on nature to scientific technology. At present, products with clear efficacy and scientific support have become the demands of consumers.

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