Motorcycle / Electric Vehicle Boot


1. The trunk of a small electric vehicle, as the name suggests, is the place where the vehicle stores spare items and things. In the trunk of electric vehicles, raincoats, helmets, chargers, etc. are generally placed.
2. Noctilucent warning reflective lights, increase the safety of driving at night, the design is ergonomic, comfortable and scientific.
3. Double-layer sealed waterproof and refuse to penetrate, can be used for riding in rainy days, and the upper and lower cover are tightly closed; the bearing capacity is strong, wear-resistant, resistant to falling and not easy to deform, and has strong toughness and compression resistance, and has a long service life.
4. It is suitable for installing various models with tailstock or shelf.

1. Take out the electric car key and insert the lock cylinder towards the trunk keyhole.

2. Shake slightly to the left or to the right with a little force.

3. After the rotation is in place, a clicking sound will be heard, indicating that the lock has been opened.

4. Lift the top cover of the rear box by hand, that is, the rear box is opened smoothly. Pay attention to the process of opening the trunk, do not use too much force, some electric car keys are of poor quality and are easy to break.

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