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In 2019, the total value of the global luggage market reached 91 billion yuan, and it is expected to grow to 155.9 billion yuan in 2026. With the upgrading of domestic market consumption, the market size of the luggage industry continues to expand. According to the analysis of the sales volume of various countries, China and the United States lead the sales volume of the luggage industry. According to the forecast of the peak season tourism organization, the compound annual growth rate of the global tourism market from 2010 to 2030 is 3%-4%, and the sales of suitcases are highly positively correlated with the number of trips. The development of the tourism market will further expand the scale of the luggage industry. Under the influence of COVID-19 in 2020, the growth rate of global passenger traffic is expected to slow down in 2020. But in the long run, there is still hope for the global tourism industry, especially in China. In daily life and work, a suitcase is a must-have item for travel. Its market demand is expected to show an upward trend. A suitcase is a box that is used to hold items and things while traveling or on vacation. It is mainly used to store clothes, daily necessities and souvenirs needed during the journey. There are many sizes of suitcases. People can decide what size suitcase to buy based on their needs and the length of travel time. A 20-inch suitcase can be brought on the plane, and its size is 51*34*24cm. For short-term business trips, you can choose a 20-inch suitcase. For long-term business trips, you can choose a 24-inch suitcase. Couples or family trips can buy a 26-inch suitcase.

This luggage is made of lightweight and durable PC+ABS material, which is impact resistant. Soft-touch top and side handles provide maximum comfort while traveling, and an integrated TSA-approved combination lock will keep your belongings safe. Other features include an expandable main compartment (only 28 inches) for maximum packing capacity and silent dual swivel wheels. It is made of high-quality PC, which enables the luggage to withstand 100kg. Durable and practical. Sturdy telescopic handle for comfortable operation; short handle for safe installation. Using aviation aluminum alloy material, the compressive strength is increased several times, and it is smooth and easy to pull. The vibration degree of the alloy is within 10mm. The adjustable 3-level telephone handle is suitable for different heights. Unique mirror design, eye-catching appearance design, both beautiful and practical. The exterior material is stylish, waterproof, durable and high pressure resistant. The bumper protection corners added to the shell can protect the shell from being damaged by items placed in the corners and improve the durability of the shell. The interior space adopts grid partitions and cross-belt pockets, and the layout is reasonable and space-saving. Fully lined interior with a multifunctional organizer for easy storage of clothes. Four dual spinning wheels ensure smooth rolling in any direction. The pulley adopts a new generation of bearing double-row rubber material, which is quiet and shock-absorbing. Built-in TSA combination lock so no one can get into your belongings except you. Install a TSA-approved locking system for extra security. The handles on the sides of the trunk are comfortable and secure. There is also a comfortable handle on the side for lifting the trunk. It combines good looks and good quality to easily pack all your travel essentials in a suitcase. This suitcase has amazing features. This suitcase is a modern yet traditional carry-on, ideal for travelers who value style and function.

ML is a brand that focuses on producing high-quality luggage, providing a better quality of life for "walkers". There are mainly 20 inches, 22 inches, 24 inches, 26 inches luggage. We always insist on quality, with ergonomic handlebars, smooth multi-level levers, 360° airplane wheels, scratch-resistant ABS feet. Let customers worry-free on the journey, we know that details determine success or failure. We choose materials to ensure quality. Based on the enterprise spirit of unity, hard work, pioneering and innovation, the company will wholeheartedly welcome customers, letters and calls to negotiate business with stable product quality and excellent after-sales service.


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