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At present, with the continuous development of petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries, the purification equipment of industrial exhaust gas is constantly improving. The research and development of advanced purification technology and devices is an important work direction of various industrial production enterprises and environmental protection enterprises. "Industrial exhaust gas purification spray washing device" is mainly aimed at products in the field of industrial exhaust gas purification. This product is used for industrial exhaust gas purification, especially industrial waste gas purification. Exhaust gas purification mainly refers to the treatment of industrial waste gas such as dust particles, smoke and dust, odorous gases, and toxic and harmful gases generated in industrial places. Common waste gas purification includes factory dust and waste gas purification, workshop dust and waste gas purification, organic waste gas purification, waste gas odor purification, acid-base waste gas purification, chemical waste gas purification, etc. Commonly used exhaust gas purification methods are: absorption method, adsorption method, condensation method and combustion method. Our products are designed according to the process requirements of the absorption method.

The spray device is a cleaning scrubber spray gun that is not easy to block and is easy to dredge. The key to this product is the simple connection structure of the product and the selection of anti-blocking nozzles made of special materials. Use tees, elbows, nozzle connectors, flanges, spray pipes, plugs and other parts to connect. In the cleaning process, it is only necessary to remove some small parts, such as removing the plug to wash the spray gun, and unscrew the spray head to clean the spray head, which is convenient for disassembly and cleaning. At the same time, the structure of the nozzles has the characteristics of anti-blocking, which reduces the replacement of nozzles in use. This product is connected by ball joints at the outlet of the spray gun, and there are threads at the ball joints. When the spray gun is blocked by foreign matter, just unscrew the spray head to realize the quick cleaning of the single room, which greatly shortens the maintenance and cleaning time and improves the equipment installation. operating rate.

Kunming Erkang Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology-based enterprise focusing on anti-corrosion chemical products, environmental protection technology development and gas scrubbing equipment production. The company has a group of senior experts who have long been engaged in the development and application of gas purification and corrosion-resistant materials. According to the actual situation and requirements of different customers, we can provide customers with reasonable, economical and complete technical solutions.
The company has adhered to the business philosophy of technological innovation and customer satisfaction for many years, and has won praise from users. Product sales and business volume have increased year by year. Environmental protection products, corrosion-resistant pipes and fittings, valves, PSA gas separation technology, etc. have been sold in many state-owned enterprises. It has been widely used in large enterprises and private enterprises. The performance and quality of products, advanced technology and excellent after-sales service have shown in practice the characteristics of long service life, not easy to block, and good absorption effect. The technical performance indicators have entered the advanced ranks among similar products.
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