Engine Rocker Arm


The rocker arm of an automobile is to transmit the motion and force from the push rod and cam to the valve to open or close by changing the direction.
The rocker arm is subjected to a large bending moment during swinging, so it should have sufficient strength and stiffness as well as a small mass.
The rocker arm is made of forged steel, malleable ball, ductile iron or aluminum alloy. The rocker arm is a two-armed lever with the rocker arm shaft as the pivot point and two arms of unequal length. The short arm end is machined with a threaded hole for screwing in the valve lash adjustment screw. The long arm end is machined into a rounded surface, which is the working surface to push the valve.
Valve rocker arm role.
The valve rocker arm on the car is used to cooperate with the camshaft to open the door in time to complete the engine intake and exhaust

The rocker arm in a car is actually a two-armed lever that is used to change the direction of the force from the push rod and act on the valve stem end to push the valve open. The ratio of the two arm lengths of the rocker arm is called the rocker arm ratio, which is about 1.2~1.8, where the long arm end is used to push the valve. The working surface of the rocker head is generally made cylindrical, when the rocker arm swing can be rolled along the valve rod end surface, so that the force between the two can be as much as possible along the valve axis. There are also lubrication channels and oil holes drilled in the rocker arm. In the threaded hole at the short arm end of the rocker arm, an adjustment screw is screwed in to adjust the valve lash, and the head of the screw contacts the concave ball seat at the top of the pushrod.
The rocker arm is hollow-set on the rocker arm shaft through the rocker arm bushing, which in turn is supported on the rocker arm shaft seat, with oil holes drilled in the rocker arm.
The car rocker arm changes the direction of the force coming from the push rod to open the valve.

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