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Comparison of electric operating beds with other operating beds: The operating bed is one of the basic medical devices for surgical treatment. It is mainly divided into: bulky operating beds, manual hydraulic input operating beds and electric operating beds. The bulky operating bed is generally made of thin steel plate, section steel or other materials, and is mainly composed of a bed frame and a bed surface. The structure is simple and bulky, suitable for general diagnosis and treatment, inspection and other surgical operations. It can be folded or disassembled when not in use, which is convenient for loading and transportation, and can be deployed in simple operating rooms, tents, surgical shelters, and private houses; Such as portable medical multi-functional diagnosis and treatment beds for field combat and field treatment. Compared with the traditional operating bed, its main features are foldable, small size, light weight, and easy to carry.

The manual hydraulic input operating bed uses the air cylinder as the actuator to control the various actions of the surface. Its main working process is: when the cylinder valve is opened, the upper and lower chambers of the cylinder are connected, and the piston can be adjusted to the required position at this time; after closing the cylinder valve, the upper and lower chambers of the cylinder are separated, which is due to the gas in the cylinder. The pressure action keeps the piston position unchanged. Because the electric operating bed adopts an electro-hydraulic transmission mechanism, under the control of a wired remote control or an infrared remote control, with the foot control panel, it is convenient for the operator to adjust directly, and the electric operating bed suitable for different positions can be locked or released at the center. The bearings are all sealed and waterproof, easy to clean, and the water, blood and sutures during the operation will never be entangled in the bearings. Head and foot tilt and left and right tilt just need to gently squeeze the head handle to obtain the clinically required position. Both the leg and back joints are supported by gas spring cylinders, making various adjustments gentle, silent, and vibration-free, while effectively maintaining the joint structure and preventing patients from falling. According to the individual characteristics of Chinese people, the standard rules of my country's medical device industry: the length of the operating table is 2m, the width is 0.48m, the front and rear inclination angles of the whole table are not less than 25°, the left and right inclination angles are not less than 20°, the fold angle on the head board surface is not less than 30°, and the bottom is not less than 30°. The folded angle shall not be less than 45°, the folded angle of the back panel shall not be less than 80°, the angle between the back panel and the seat panel shall not be greater than 90°, the lower fold angle shall not be greater than 160°, the lower fold angle of the waist panel shall not be less than 90°, and the waist bridge shall be raised. The height is not less than 0.12m. At the same time, the industry standard also requires that the operating table products should use the double-leg plate structure as much as possible. The double-leg plate surface can be rotated to the two outer sides in the same plane, and the angle between the inner sides of the two leg plates after rotation is not less than 180° The adjustment adopts stepless change

Medical lift bed is a kind of medical bed, and its contribution to the medical industry is very significant. The simple classification of medical lift beds in the medical industry can be divided into single-shake medical lift beds, double-shake medical lift beds, and multi-functional medical lift beds. Medical beds are used in suitable places to better improve the hospital's service system. Nowadays, the medical bed can reduce the workload of the nursing staff and increase the work efficiency of the hospital for the medical industry where the nursing staff is very nervous. The effect of the lifting bed is our deep experience in today's society. When we use the medical lifting bed, it is very simple. We only need to rotate the shaking hand on the side of the bed clockwise or counterclockwise to reach the head of the bed or the end of the bed to a certain height to relieve long-term Patient lying in bed recuperating. It is a very good medical bed for patients and nurses, and the effect of lifting beds in medical treatment is very great. Configuration: 1 pair of head and tail boards, 1 set of central control brake system, 2 pairs of ABS guardrails, 2 retention hooks, back lift, leg lift, overall lift Functional standard configuration:
Optional: back lift, head and tail board 1 pair, infusion stand 1, leg lift
2 pairs of engineering plastic guardrails, 1 mattress, whole bed lift, 3 sets of rocker systems
5-inch central control wheel, 4 infusion stand sockets, 4 drainage bag hooks, 2 bedside color options


Sichuan Hangyu Electronic Medical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. originated in the early 1990s as a subsidiary of the National Military Industry Enterprise 420 Factory. After the joint-stock system reform, it became today's professional production of hospital nursing equipment focusing on research and development, production, installation, and after-sales service. enterprise. Has now obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO13485 medical device quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification.... And obtained a number of product invention patents in the industry. The company has a rigorous management system, modern processing equipment, high-standard technical design capabilities and high-precision manufacturing capabilities, and can tailor various ward nursing equipment to meet the individual needs of the hospital according to the positioning and requirements of the hospital.

The company's production base is located in the modern industrial port of Pidu District, Chengdu, covering an area of more than 10,000 square meters. There are 116 employees, 28 technicians with medium and high titles, and 9 quality inspectors; mainly engaged in hospital I and II ward nursing equipment production. The main products include: electric hospital bed, manual hospital bed, orthopedic traction bed, examination bed, companion chair, infusion chair, overhead infusion stand, patient cart, treatment cart, emergency cart, anesthesia cart, nursing cart, liquid dispensing table , workbench, western medicine rack, traditional Chinese medicine cabinet, equipment cabinet, medicine cabinet, locker, sink, etc.

Sichuan Hangyu Medical will, as always, adhere to the business philosophy of "Meticulous Management, Attentive Design, Concentrated Production, and Attentive Service", and will provide medical units with high-quality products with rich industry experience, standardized quality management system and sincere service attitude. of hospital beds and nursing facilities. Welcome medical units and regional agents to inquire


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