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Drop-out fuses and pull-load drop-out fuses are outdoor high-voltage protection appliances. It is installed on the high-voltage side of the distribution transformer or on the branch and trunk lines of the distribution line, and is used for short-circuit and overload protection of the transformer and the line, as well as the split and combined load current. The RW12-10/200A drop-out fuse is composed of two parts: an insulating bracket and a fuse tube. The static contact is installed at both ends of the insulating bracket, and the moving contact is installed at both ends of the fuse tube. The fuse tube is extinguished by the inner arc extinguishing The tube and the outer layer of phenolic paper tube or epoxy glass cloth tube are composed of pull-load drop-type fuses with elastic auxiliary contacts and arc extinguishing covers to divide and combine load current.
When the RW12-10/100A, RW12-10/200A drop-out fuse is in normal operation, the fuse tube forms a closed position after the fuse is tensioned. When a fault occurs in the system, the fault current causes the fuse to be blown quickly and an arc is formed. The arc suppression tube is heated by the arc and decomposes a large amount of gas, so that a high pressure is formed in the tube, and a vertical blow is formed along the pipeline, and the arc is quickly elongated and extinguished. After the fuse is blown, the lower moving contact loses tension and turns down, so that the locking mechanism releases the fuse tube, and the fuse tube falls, forming an obvious breaking position. When the load needs to be pulled, use the insulating rod to pull open the moving contacts, at this time the active and static contacts are separated, the auxiliary contacts are still in contact, continue to use the insulating rod to pull the contacts, the auxiliary contacts are also separated, between the auxiliary contacts An arc is generated, the arc is elongated in the slit of the arc chute, and at the same time, the arc chute generates gas, and when the current crosses zero, the arc is extinguished.

Scope of application of RW12-10/200A drop-out fuse
1. Basic conditions of use of high-voltage fuses:
(1) Altitude: the ordinary type does not exceed 1000m, and the plateau type does not exceed 4000m;
(2) The ambient temperature is not higher than +40℃, not lower than -40℃.
2. The product is not suitable for the following places:
(1) Places with danger of burning or explosion; (2) Places with severe vibration or shock;
(3) Areas with electrical conductivity, chemical gas effect, serious dirt and salt spray.


GW9 outdoor AC high-voltage isolation switch is an outdoor device with AC 50H. It is used in the power supply network with a frequency of 50HZ and 10kV.
Electrical equipment such as circuit breakers are used for electrical isolation from live high-voltage lines. It can also be used to divide and combine very small capacitive and inductive currents. GW9 outdoor AC high-voltage isolation switch is used for single-phase use of three-phase line system, and its structure is simple,
Economical and easy to use. The rated current of the isolating switch is: 200A; 400A, 600A and 1250A.
Environmental conditions for GW9-12 isolating switch products:
(1) Ambient temperature: - 40℃~+40℃
(2) Altitude: ≤2000m

GW9-12 isolation switch structure and working principle:
GW9-10/630A, GW9-10/400A, GW9-10/200A durable electrical outdoor high-voltage isolating switch is a single-phase structure, each phase is composed of a chassis, a pillar insulator, a knife, a contact and other parts.
There are screws and springs for adjusting the contact pressure on the side of the knife, and the upper end is equipped with a fixed pull button and a self-locking device connected to it, which is used for opening and closing of the insulating hook rod. The structure of this series of products
Compared with the unimproved product, it has the advantages of large contact area, low contact resistance, good electrical conductivity and high mechanical strength.
Installation of GW9-12 isolating switch:
GW9-10/630A, GW9-10/400A, GW9-10/200A durable electrical outdoor high-voltage isolation switches generally adopt the flip-chip method, and can also be installed vertically or obliquely (the moving contact is below),
Use M12D bolts to fix the base frame to the proper position on the cross arm. It should be convenient to pull and close the knife on the ground with a gram bar hook, and ensure that the base frame will not loosen during operation. The incoming line should be connected to the static contact side,
The outgoing line should be connected to the moving contact side, and an appropriate distance should be maintained between the three-phase switches to avoid short circuit.


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